7 healthful foods that instantly make you happy

7 healthful foods that instantly make you happy

We often go for sweets when we're depressed. But that doesn't have to be the case: these foods are not only nutritious, but also enjoyable!
Who doesn't know: the day was really hectic, and our melancholy mood was exacerbated by an entirely unnecessary dispute with our partner. Many folks now grab for the candy drawer without even thinking. It's no surprise that sugary treats put us in a pleasant mood right away.

 and quickly provide us with new energy. Unfortunately, our scales are usually less happy about the courageous grab for cakes and the like: the sweet treats land on our hips faster than we would like.

there are some healthy foods that will boost your mood! Here are our top 7:

1. the salmon
Salmon is one of our favorites! It protects our hearts in particular since it contains a lot of healthful omega-3 fatty acids. However, it also has a positive effect on our mood. Researchers examined 26 studies in a meta-analysis and discovered that persons who consume a lot of fish have a lower risk of depression. At least once or twice a week, a seaside pick-me-up should be on the menu.

2. avocado and other green vegetables
Green vegetables, such as spinach, as well as the superfood avocado, are high in folic acid, which belongs to the B vitamin family. Because it has a direct effect on the generation of the happiness hormone serotonin, a low folic acid level is linked to an increased risk of depression. So go ahead and indulge.
in avocado slices on your bread in the morning or spinach for lunch when you're feeling down!

Bananas have long been seen to be a great mood booster since they contain a lot of serotonin, which elevates our mood. Bananas are also really healthy: they provide a lot of energy and are high in potassium, which is beneficial to our heart and muscles, among other things.

4. blueberries
Berries are real powerhouses: They contain lots of healthy antioxidants that can scavenge free radicals and prevent inflammation in the body. Another important content: flavonoids, which are found especially in blueberries. Studies show that these can improve mood. And on top of that, they are great as a tasty snack between meals or as a topping for muesli, quark and co.

5. yogurt or kefir
The intestine is increasingly coming to the fore when it comes to healthy living. These considerations usually focus on prebiotics, which, among other things, stimulate the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria. In a meta-analysis of ten studies, researchers found that prebiotics can have positive effects on depressive moods. Therefore, prebiotic foods such as yogurt or kefir should be on your menu as often as possible!

6. quinoa
Whole grain products such as quinoa or brown rice are full of fiber, which the body needs for various processes, and various B vitamins, which our brain is happy about. In addition, B vitamins support the production of serotonin - making us happy in no time. For an additional health boost, eat quinoa and co. in combination with vegetables for lunch.

7. dark chocolate
Last but not least, some good news: Sweet and healthy at the same time need not be mutually exclusive! Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content is a prime example. The phenylethylamines contained in it ensure that the happiness hormone serotonin is released. In addition, dark chocolate also contains a lot of flavonoids, which, like blueberries, can generally lift the mood.


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