Countless products promise to quickly get rid of impurities. Meanwhile, our disappointment is at least as big as our collection of anti-pimple products. But now we have found something that really helps. And anyone can use it!

No matter if it's stress, hormones, or genes: our skin shows us immediately if something is wrong. Many products have a very aggressive effect and only worsen our situation. But what should we do? The solution is blister plasters. Excuse me? Yes, you heard it right. And this is how the miracle weapon works.

This is why we can't get enough of it
It doesn't have to be a blister plaster - but you can think of it as more than "hydrocolloid plaster," right? The name comes from the hydrophilic material that attracts water. The moist environment accelerates the healing process and is originally intended for wounds.

And it is exactly these patches that you can stick on your pimples. Following the same principle of "pimple patches", this will seal the area. This protects against environmental influences and bacteria. Especially if you like to touch your face, this step is worth its weight in gold! You can apply the patches under your mask, at home in your home office, or before sleeping. This way, the inflammation can heal in peace and after a few hours, the swelling and redness will decrease considerably. Nevertheless, you must absolutely observe these important points.

This is how you do it right!
The most important thing is that you clean your face before use. Otherwise, the bacteria and natural oils will be trapped on your skin and make the pimple worse! Cut your blister patches to size and don't use the whole piece or your skin won't be able to breathe underneath. Since the material attracts water, it pulls moisture from your skin. So use it only selectively, not over a large area. You should be careful especially in case of skin diseases: The plasters stick strongly to the skin and can irritate it when pulled off.

In the case of active inflammation or after squeezing, the blister plaster works best. Blood and secretions are caught so that the bacteria do not spread further on the face. This can otherwise cause further blemishes. The method is less effective for small blackheads or underlays.
And the most important thing: The patch fights the problem, but not the origin! So if you want to be pimple-free in the long run, you need to adopt a suitable routine. Since blemishes are usually a reaction to environmental influences, your skin problems can be caused by irritating skincare or insufficient cleansing.

This way it works even better
Of course, you can also use "pimple patches", which are intended for use on the face. However, the round little stickers are harder to come by. Blister patches offer a good alternative that works on the same principle and is slightly cheaper. The professional patches are sometimes enriched with active ingredients that additionally fight the pimple. If you apply salicylic acid, BPO, or zinc ointment directly to the pimple, you will achieve the same effect. Just make sure that you apply the product very specifically, otherwise, the patch will not adhere sufficiently.

We have tested the method and are thrilled. If you apply the patches as described above, they really make the pimple disappear overnight. Just try it out!


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