5 Love Wisdom That Vedic Philosophy Teaches Us ❤️

5 Love Wisdom That Vedic Philosophy Teaches Us ❤️

Have you ever taken a closer look at Hinduism? Its religious scriptures pass on some interesting wisdom that can enrich our love life.
Perhaps you have heard of the "Vedas". The Hindu religious scripture collection, much like Buddhist wisdom, can be quite inspiring. Vedic philosophy deals primarily with the questions: Who am I? What happens to me after death? What is the meaning of life?

Very central points in the Indian teachings, however, are also the topics of love and self-love. The actress Katharina Kaali ("Türkisch für Anfänger") has recorded a CD together with her colleague Steffen Groth (that's the millionaire from "Doctor's Diary") on which she summarizes the most important teachings of the Vedas. One chapter of the CD "Veda - Wisdom of Vedic Philosophy" is dedicated to the area of love. We have compiled five inspiring messages for you:

❤️ To love means to understand and feel that the other person is different.
Sure, everyone is an individual. Loving means valuing, appreciating, and respecting the other person - in his or her very own personality.

❤️ Only those who make sacrifices can truly love.
Making sacrifices in love means putting the relationship in the foreground and letting your own needs take a back seat. If you always think of "me, me, me," you will overtax your partner over time. Instead of "What do I need," you should ask yourself more often, "What is good for our relationship?"

❤️ To have a happy relationship, you have to know yourself
Self-love means self-awareness. That, in turn, means becoming aware of your strengths and trying to maintain them. If I don't have clarity about myself, then I also give off a false image of myself to the outside world. If someone then falls in love with this false impression, then the relationship is doomed to fail. The first goal should therefore be to get to know yourself better and learn to accept yourself.

❤️ A relationship helps me to develop further
Some people believe that they cannot develop a relationship. The opposite is true: Only in a relationship can I find out how far I still have to develop - and will thus benefit personally.

❤️ Love has to be nurtured with three things.
A relationship isn't a foregone conclusion. Love can only grow if you nurture it - and again with love, good qualities, and patience.


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