WRINKLES ON THE FACE What they reveal about your health

WRINKLES ON THE FACE What they reveal about your health

Sooner or later, every woman has to deal with one wrinkle or another on her face. What they say about your health, we explain here.
Whether on the forehead, around the eyes, or on the chin - sooner or later, smaller and larger wrinkles form on the face of every woman. But they are not only visible signs that we are getting older, they also tell us something about our state of health. We reveal which wrinkles on the face can cause which possible physical complaints:

Forehead wrinkles
Of course, if you're constantly frowning, you'll get a clearly visible wrinkle there relatively quickly. However, according to Emma Hobson of the International Dermal Institute, you should pay attention to fine wrinkles in the upper part of the forehead. This is because this is connected to the bladder and stomach - forehead wrinkles can therefore indicate problems in these areas. Wrinkles in the lower forehead area can also be a sign of food allergies - they are often accompanied by pimples and rashes.

Wrinkles around the eyes
Small laugh lines around the eyes are, after all, a beautiful thing. And can be easily identified: If they become deeper when the eyes laugh along, everything is fine. However, the eyes are also closely linked to the liver. Wrinkles that do not come from laughing, as well as permanently dark circles under the eyes, therefore indicate that the liver is overloaded. An unhealthy diet or too much alcohol, for example, can be responsible for this. Also, puffy eyes are a possible signal for a deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids, kidney problems or high blood pressure.
Wrinkles around the mouth or chin
The region around the mouth is also connected to our digestive tract. Deep wrinkles between the nose and chin could accordingly represent digestive problems. Small wrinkles surrounding the lips are often a sign of incipient menopause. To contain them, the mouth area now needs particularly careful facial care. Another factor: smoking can generally deepen wrinkles - so if you want smooth facial skin (in addition to various other health benefits), you should stop!


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