TINTED DAY CREAM Sensible make-up substitute?

TINTED DAY CREAM Sensible make-up substitute?

The tinted day cream is not without controversy. Find out here what benefits it offers and how you can use it.
Tinted day cream: advantages
A high-quality tinted day cream combines several advantages. First and foremost, it serves as an alternative to makeup and foundation. Especially if you only want to cover small blemishes, a tinted day cream is a good choice.

Besides the covering function, the creams are also good for skincare. They usually moisturize and thus replace other face care products. Despite their makeup effect, your complexion remains natural and not overly masked.

While a tinted day cream is a good idea all year round, it has other advantages in summer: firstly, you avoid your makeup running due to the heat, and secondly, the creams also usually contain sunscreen and thus protect against skin aging.

An overview of other benefits:

Fresher complexion
Cover impure skin areas
UV protection
Anti-aging effect
Easy to apply
Lasts a long time
Tinted day cream: how well does it cover?
Those who are accustomed to the varied use of makeup will certainly clearly notice the difference with the day cream. This, of course, does not cover as much, because it contains much less pigment.

On the other hand, it usually moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Especially in the summer, when the skin usually has only minor impurities, the day cream can replace the classic foundation perfectly. Also, you save valuable time in front of the mirror, since the application of a foundation is more effort. In the winter months, tinted day cream gives you a fresh complexion, which usually blossoms after a while without the sun.

Tinted day cream: 4 different types
Tinted Day Cream: BB Cream
BB stands for "Blemish Balm" and is especially suitable for dry skin. This is because BB Cream provides your complexion with plenty of moisture and lightly conceals pigmentation or redness. BB Creams also usually contain SPF (sun protection factor) and can thus be worn especially well in summer.

The BB Cream is the most popular of the tinted creams, as it combines care, sun protection, and make-up. Originally, it was intended for irritated skin, which also has redness. It can serve any skin type well.

Tinted Day Cream: DD Cream
DD stands for "Diminish and Disguise." DD Cream is a hybrid cream that combines all the positive features of BB and CC cream.

The cream contains many vitamins and minerals and also provides abundant moisture. Also, the DD Cream can improve the appearance of the skin and plump up small wrinkles. The cream is especially suitable for combination and sensitive skin.

Tinted Day Cream: EE Cream
EE Cream is the newcomer among tinted day creams and is made for mature skin. It can alleviate pigmentation and bring about a brighter complexion. Also, it ensures an even complexion ("Even Effect"). Due to the hyaluronic acid, it contains, it moisturizes the face.

Correct application of tinted day cream
Make sure to use a tinted day cream that matches your skin tone. The cream should not be darker than your skin, but a slightly lighter color is not a problem.
The cream is applied like the normal day cream, even after cleansing the skin, and in the evening it is removed like makeup. If you have very dry skin, you can also apply a suitable day cream in advance as a base.
If you also want to use a concealer, use it before applying the tinted day cream. Powder, on the other hand, can still be used afterward. If you have strong pigmentation or dark circles under the eyes, you can also use a concealer in advance to ensure a more uniform skin appearance.

Is tinted day cream harmful?
The use of tinted day cream has not only advocates. Make-up artist Kylie Jenners, among others, has advised against it. The reason: the color pigments go deeper into the skin and can quickly clog pores.

But you can avoid this adverse effect by thoroughly cleansing your face in the evening. Just as with makeup, it is also important to remove tinted beauty products thoroughly before sleeping.


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