FOR MORE PRODUCTIVITY! 3 things you should do in the first 3 hours of the day

FOR MORE PRODUCTIVITY! 3 things you should do in the first 3 hours of the day

"The early bird catches the worm" - but not with a smartphone in hand. Because the technical device filters our psyche and lets us start a day that is likely to be unsuccessful. The first three hours determine how productive our day will be. According to studies, you only have to consider the following points ... 
Who does not know it? The alarm clock rings, you toss and turn, but it's no use anyway - you have to get up anyway. The first reach for the smartphone to turn off the annoying noise and before you know it, you're already scrolling through the first social networks. In doing so, however, we set a completely wrong tone for our day. According to trend forecaster Michael McQueen, the first few minutes of our day determine how successful the rest of the day will be for us. And reaching for the smartphone in this context is like reaching into a toilet.  

Instagram and the like hijack our psyche without us even noticing - we act under the control of others and thus lose control. The long-term consequence: an increased stress level - and this is the culprit for a multitude of illnesses and accelerates the aging process. Fie, devil! 

But it's not just the first few minutes that are crucial to a successful day. According to psychologist Ron Friedman, the right behavior in the first three hours of the day can help increase productivity, even reducing the workweek by 20 hours. 

Step one ...
... on the morning to-do list is breakfast. But not just any breakfast: it should be protein-rich. According to Professor Donald Layman, the building block keeps blood sugar levels constant and prevents the all-too-familiar post-meal fatigue.  

Step two ...
... is dedicated to the so-called 90-90-1 Challenge. Over the next 90 days, you are challenged to complete the first and most relevant item on your to-do list in the first 90 minutes of the day. This sets the tone for the day and gets you going.  

Step three ...
... Listen to classical music to concentrate and block out external distractions.  

Once you've spent the first three hours of your morning this way, you can start checking out your social media accounts. We guarantee you one thing: You'll spend less time on Instagram and the like than you usually do.  


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