EAR PAIN Causes and treatments

EAR PAIN Causes and treatments


Earaches occur particularly often in children, but adults are also affected. Here you can find out what causes it and what helps.
What are earaches?
Earaches mostly occur in children, but adults are also affected from time to time. But why does it happen? The ears are extremely sensitive, as many sensitive nerve endings run through them. Even the smallest disturbances can cause ear pain or pressure in the ears that feels piercing, tapping or dull. The pain can occur in the outer, inner or middle ear. Depending on the cause, they may be constant or occur in attacks and have various other symptoms such as dizziness. In most cases, ear pain is caused by an infection and can be treated with medication, but often with home remedies.

Common causes of earache
Here's an overview of the most common causes of ear pain:

Inflammation: Middle ear inflammation ("otitis media"), ear canal inflammation, boils in the ear or in the ear canal, shingles or erysipelas ("erysipelas"), but also inflammation of the teeth, palatine tonsils and parotid glands. Fever often occurs in parallel with inflammation
Injuries: On the outer ear, for example, by cuts, in the inner ear by an eardrum injury - just that can be very painful
Clogged ear canal: For example, due to a plug of earwax (learn how to remove earwax here), as a side effect of a cold, or due to a foreign body in the ear.
Other causes, such as toothache or problems with the jaw joint, can also be responsible for ear pain. Older people also sometimes suffer from so-called ear herpes.

Medication: What to do for ear pain?
Earaches can be treated with medication, depending on the trigger. For inflammations of the auditory canal, antibiotics are usually used, and for middle ear infections, decongestant nasal spray. A plug or foreign body is carefully removed, injuries to the eardrum usually heal on their own over time, but in some cases surgery may be necessary.

Home remedies for earaches
For harmless causes, home remedies can relieve acute discomfort from ear pain. These include:

Onion compress: the classic home remedy for earaches! Onions contain disinfecting mustard oil and relieve inflammation. To do this, simply chop an onion into small pieces, wrap it in a cloth and place it lightly on the ear. 
Heat: Those who frequently suffer from vague earaches often find heat beneficial, as it promotes blood circulation. Infrared light, for example, can help. Caution: Heat is not suitable for bacterial infections - this can make them worse.
Chamomile tea: The essential oils of chamomile help with inflammations of all kinds. For earaches, you can pour chamomile tea and carefully hold the ear over the steam for a few minutes - but please be careful, the steam can be very hot!
You can find even more home remedies for earaches here.

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