6 things you should do after every workout

6 things you should do after every workout

6 things you should do after every workout
If you want to train correctly, you should not only focus your attention on the training. Post-workout behaviour determines whether you build muscle and burn fat.

1. Cooldown

A good workout requires a sensible cool down, which usually consists of relaxed running and stretching. This is the only way the body can better prepare for the end of the stress, stretching should also reduce the subsequent muscle soreness. Anyone who stretches regularly after exercising even improves the mobility and flexibility of the body and limbs.

2. Foam roll

Hardened and glued tissue (fascia) is made soft and resilient again with a foam roller. After intensive training, you should use the role of self-massage. This can speed up the muscle healing and recovery process. Also, "rolling out" should help against sore muscles.

3. Eat

The muscles wait for fuel immediately after training to initiate the repair process. For this reason, the easily digestible meal should be taken in the first hour after the workout. A mixture of carbohydrates and proteins is best! Even a small snack is enough to compensate for the lack of electrolytes. Ideal for this: Fit food

4. Water

When you exercise, you lose a lot of water in the form of sweat. To bring the water balance back into balance, you should use still water after training and mix it with apple juice at most. Finished spritzers are not suitable because they contain unnecessary calories and sugar.

5. Showers

It goes without saying that you should take a shower after exercising. But why actually? A cooling phase allows the body to recover from its exertions. This means that the circulation is less stressed and sweating is prevented. But be careful: too hot a shower dries out the skin and can stimulate sweat production again.

6. Sleep

An important factor in training is the recovery phase, which, in the best case, results in a relaxed sleep. In this phase, the body repairs the minimal injuries to the muscle tissue caused by sport and releases growth hormones. They ensure that the muscle grows and that you are more efficient than before at the next training session.

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