4 beauty tricks that we immediately learn from the Russians 💄

4 beauty tricks that we immediately learn from the Russians 💄

Each country has different beauty trends - logically, that we look left and right. Russian make-up skills are totally underestimated. We'll tell you what we'll learn from them right away!
Irina Shayk

1. Cat Eyes

Have you ever wondered why the eyes of many Russian women look so interesting and captivating? We know it: it's her eye make-up. The Russians usually pull their eyeshadow slightly outwards to create a cat-eye effect. As a result, the eyes look very different. We can no longer look away. 
If you want to use the trick, do not blind up your eyeshadow in a wiper movement, but deliberately pulls the color at the outer angle away from the eye. An eyeliner with wing supports this effect again.

2. Mess it up

An accurate, perfect eye make-up? Not with the Russian makeup professionals. They wear eyeshadow, kohl and Co. anything but neat. But as soon as everything is blinded, the result looks really good. And: you use your fingers. The Russian make-up artist Amanda Kokoeva usually first applies kohl to the upper lash line, blends it strongly and only then goes into the crease with a matte eyeshadow and dabs a little shimmer eyeshadow on the movable eyelid. The result: the hammer - even if you have no clean edges. We love the look! 

3. Not in turn

Who says that we always have to follow a set routine when it comes to makeup? Right, none! And the Russians don't do that either. For example, many make-up artists on Instagram show that they only apply concealer after foundation, cream contour, cream blush and highlighter. The reason: The eye area is highlighted and highlighted even more. 

4. Ultra Glossy Lips

Unlike in other countries, Russian women do not rely on matte lipsticks, but on ultra glossy lips. That makes the lips look a lot bigger. We often see a wet look or a mirror effect on our lips. There are now dozens of products on the market for this. Nevertheless, you should apply lip liner beforehand, so the contour is redefined and the result looks EVEN FULLER in the end. Give it a try!

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