What? We have eaten our burgers wrong so far!

What? We have eaten our burgers wrong so far!

Burger eaten incorrectly: woman bites into burger

Burger - the epitome of fast food. Hmmm ... so juicy ... so tasty ... such a mess. But there is now a solution!
The burger: lettuce, sauce, tomato, meat, onion: layer by layer, he screws himself upon the plate - the fast-food dream come true. You look good! But: how the hell should you eat this thing now? Somehow squeezing the delicious tower of empty calories and biting it in with your mouth open? We know what happens then, what ALWAYS happens: the tomato slips out of the middle with delicate elegance, the now softened lower half of the bun falls apart and the sauce drips gracefully on the plate in elegant blobs - abstract still life of a destroyed meal. And if you finally chew, after the first bite you will look like a one-year-old who does not care about etiquette.

Turn around baby!

The solution to all burger problems in the world is very close, personified by Simon Dukes, founder of the food blog Burger Lad and expert for the popular fast food. No special burger or special offer passes the blogger uneaten. Duke revealed his professional tip to the business insiderAnd that is: Just turn the burger over!
Not spectacular? Yes, of course. But honestly, we still haven't done it, have we? It makes a lot of sense: the bread on the top is thicker, it doesn't soften as quickly and withstands the weight of the other ingredients much better. So the burger stays whole and the sauce does not develop its own life. 

Burgers upside down for a better taste

And - we can hardly imagine it - but the taste of the burger should be even better because the tongue, through which we perceive tastes, reaches the sauces on the burger much faster. Sounds good, doesn't it? In any case, that screams for a very own test track, after all, we don't just believe everything that is told to us. And now I would like to start testing right away. So, burgers here! 

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