Cut pony yourself? No problem!

Cut pony yourself? No problem!

Cutting the pony yourself is no problem with a few tricks! Here we explain how to do it and also have expert tips ready.
Cut pony yourself: woman cuts pony
We love hairstyles with bangsThe pony frames our face wonderfully and conjures soft transitions. But before you know it, it blocks your view again! But that doesn't mean you have to run to the hairdresser all the time, because with these tips you can easily cut the bangs yourself:

Cutting bangs: systematic re-cutting

Straight bangs

  1. So that the bangs don't get shorter than planned, the hair should be combed, but not lie flat on the headIt is best to shake the pony with your fingers in the "fall position" and pin the side parts with clips.
  2. To cut, hold the hair loosely (!) Between the index finger and middle finger away from the forehead (the distance also protects the eyelashes from accidental trimming).
  3. Now use scissors to cut the pony at a slight angle from below, always just a few millimeters - like tiny pointed teeth. Check in the mirror again and again whether the length of the hair still fits: So that not too much hair is gone, you should orient yourself at the bottom of the eyebrows.
  4. At the end you can still adjust individual outstanding hair tips.

Fringed bangs

If you want to cut a fringed pony yourself, first of all, just like a straight pony.
Then you make small incisions in the pony line every 0.5 centimeters, so that fringes arise. Alternatively, you can find special fringe or thinning scissors in drugstores that are suitable for a stylish fringe bangs.

Special case: XXL pony

You know the back and forth. First, it was there, the pony, then it should grow out, and now, halfway down, you want it back ... With a bit of dexterity and cutting experience, you can cut the long pony to the right length again:
  1. Start from the highest point of the head and comb the ex and now XXL pony forward into the face.
  2. Then put the pages back.
  3. First, shorten the divided section to the root of the nose. The pony is then fine-tuned.

Cut bangs: the right time

You should cut your bangs on the day you wash your hairHowever, do not start right afterward, but only in the evening, for example. It is best to spend a few hours between shampooing and cuttingOnly then does the hair fall naturally and the bangs can be cut well.

Cut bangs: It depends on the right scissors

"A very simple one is enough for the pony, and it starts at around € 20. It doesn't have to be professional scissors, because they cost at least four times as much," says Martin Max, a hairdresser from Hamburg. "I would absolutely advise against experimenting with paper or household scissors. It pushes the hair in front of you when it is cut. The risk is that you cut more hair than you want and the result will be crooked and crooked."

Tips for the perfect pony

  • A hairy point in the do-it-yourself pony cut is the harmonious transition from the pony to the sides. Therefore, do not cut too far beyond the outer corner of the eye on your own. If the face is not sufficiently framed by the hair, the proportions appear "wrong" and wide faces, for example, appear even fuller.
  • The sides of the pony should be a little longer: this creates a nice natural frame instead of a square shape.
  • Don't cut your bangs when your hair is still wet. After drying, the hair pulls back a little and the pony line can get too short.
  • Avoid a too compact bangs that end directly above the eyebrows - this can quickly give a childish impression.
  • It is best to correct the length every few days instead of waiting for four weeks so that it is really worth it.

When should I have the bangs cut by the hairdresser?

If you don't have bangs, you should definitely have the first basic cut by an expert, because advice on proportions and hair texture is essential. "A deep forehead, for example, does not tolerate a pony with a side parting, and a pony with many curls does not look good at all," says Martin Max. Most good hairdressers offer their customers a free service to recut the pony - just in case you don't trust the scissors yourself.
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